What can I expect during my initial visit to DOCTOR FOR LIFE Wellness & Treatment Center?

During your initial visit to DOCTOR FOR LIFE, you can expect to spend approximately 1.5 to 2 hours with us. Upon arrival, you will complete a brief registration, take part in a thorough consultation (this may take place over several visits), set milestones and ultimate goals, and get started! After the consultation, if prescribed by the physician, you may want to get started right away with our meal replacement and B12/Lipotropic injection programs like many of our clients do.

When you start the program, we can use labs that have been done within the past three months, or labs that get done within the first 30 days of starting our program. This lab work can be done with your regular physician, a hospital or at DOCTOR FOR LIFE for an affordable fee. Your initial visit includes a standard lab panel as ordered by our physicians. The labs assess your liver function, kidney function, blood glucose (or “blood sugar”), electrolytes, nutritional status, anemia risk, lipid panel (i.e., total cholesterol, “good” cholesterol, and “bad” cholesterol), and thyroid hormone levels based on which lab testing package you get. If we don’t have these after a certain period of time while in the program, we reserve the right to not have you as a client at DOCTOR FOR LIFE.

The cost of this initial visit is $150 and based on your need for physician involvement, protein meal replacements, and popular injections the cost we be billed at the appropriate amount for each. If you just want injections, then your cost will for the injections and visit only. If you only want appetite suppressants, then you pay for the initial visit and $75 for monthly follow up visits. However, for the best result, expect to pay for the visit fees plus meal replacements which will range from $115 to $225 per week all based on the caloric prescription from the physicians. You will be on your way to losing pounds and inches as well as achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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emagoWhat can I expect during my initial visit to DOCTOR FOR LIFE Wellness & Treatment Center?