Doctor for Life offers holistic health. We put Clinical, Nutrition and Fitness together because we believe in the collective power of these three fundamentals to truly change lives. We accept most insurance, and medically necessary appointments may be covered by your policy. Most services and products are available as self-pay and are reasonably priced.

Healthy Weight Lifestyle Programs

Clinical plus Nutrition plus Fitness equals Healthy Weight Lifestyle. Programs are built with components from each of these three service lines and are tailored to specific clients’ needs.


Need a primary physician or more? Doctor for Life is here for all your medical care.
> Internal Medicine
> Obesity Medicine
> Registered Dietitian
> Behavioral Counseling
> Exercise Prescription


Don’t just fill your body. Fuel it. Learn and practice healthy eating habits.
> Culinary Classes
> Healthy Meals To Go
> Meal Replacements


Find inspiration and improvement by incorporating activity into everyday life.
> Fitness Assessment
> Personal Training
> Group Exercise

Save Money

Spend less on costly medications, diet and gyms.

Live Longer

Increase your life expectancy and avoid injury and illness.

Live Better

Feel your best and enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

A Customized Approach to Medical Weight Loss in Greenville, SC

When you contact Doctor for Life, we won’t put you into a cookie-cutter protocol and hope it works for you because, let’s be honest, that almost never works. When it comes to our expert weight loss doctors, no one wants to waste time. In your initial assessments, we’ll ask you about your goals and what you’d like to change about your lifestyle. We’ll give you access to programs that meet your needs, as well as one-on-one access to our staff whenever you need.

We have four areas of specialization: healthy weight loss lifestyle program, clinical, nutrition and fitness. Your experience with Doctor for Life will be an individualized combination of any of these areas.

Healthy Weight Lifestyle Program

This program is our most comprehensive approach to lifestyle changes in all areas. For patients who want to make broad, sweeping lifestyle re-configurations, this area of our services allows you to understand weight loss as a function of the healthy decisions you make. You’ll be given the tools to succeed and the clinical support to ensure you don’t slip up — now or any time in the future.


Our weight loss doctors know what works, because they have experience tailoring clinical appointments to people desperate to lose weight. We have medical staff who are at the very top of their field and eager to make you their next success story. They’ll walk you through the physiological processes key to monitoring your health, and ensure your system is receiving the vitamins and minerals necessary to get a leg up in your weight loss journey.


Medical weight loss doesn’t just have to be focused on medical factors. Our life coaches will teach you to buy and cook healthy meals on a budget, give you tips on cooking healthy while maintaining a busy lifestyle and more, because at Doctor for Life, we know better than anyone: It isn’t easy to make healthy meals to go or when you don’t have much time. It isn’t easy to know what to buy, and it definitely isn’t easy to know what kinds of diets truly support weight loss when everyone is telling you different things.


You might think that fitness classes are just for beginners, and you’re half right. But think about it: Even the most seasoned athletes get into the habit of doing the same exercises every time they work out, exercises that decrease in effectiveness each time you go through the motions. That’s called “getting in a rut.” The fitness classes that Doctor for Life offers are a way to dive into exercise headfirst for beginners, or for workout veterans, a chance to learn some new moves.

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