Medical Health and Lifestyle Programs in Greenville

Medicine Through Fitness

At Doctor for Life, we can’t emphasize enough how we’re not like other weight loss clinics. While other facilities focus on helping you lose weight in the short term, we realize that simply isn’t enough to be satisfied. See, it’s not just about the numbers on the scale or the “before and after” photos. We feel that we’ve been successful only when you leave our programs armed with the knowledge and skills to continue a set of healthy habits for the remainder of your life. After we’re done working with you, we want you to feel like a better version of the “you” that you were before you started with us.




Dr. For Life Fitness – What To Expect

The first step is a Consultation. Meet with a Doctor and Health Coach, who provide your very own Healthy Weight Lifestyle prescription. Your program will include chosen services and products and adhere to a timeline. Make a purchase or set up recurring payments. Take advantage of all Doctor for Life has to offer, and you will see results.

Tour Our Weight Loss Clinic

We’ve heard you have to see it to believe it. One of our core team members would be happy to provide a tour, showing how the Medical Office, Culinary Lab and Fitness Center fit under one roof. Bonus – See the Healthy Farm too.

Consult With Our Doctors

The first step of any Healthy Weight Lifestyle Program is Consultation for $225, including comprehensive evaluation with the Doctor, behavioral exploration session with the Health Coach, Vitals, Body Composition and Blood Work. Discover what you and Doctor for Life could do together.

Ready To Life a Healthier Lifestyle?

Cultivating a Healthy-Lifestyle

Our team focuses on cultivating a healthy lifestyle from a holistic approach. We believe the way to a healthier you is through developing a positive mindset around food and fitness, fostering easy weightloss, and improving your overall quality of life. We provide comprehensive nutrition, fitness, and counseling services to help you break through the unhealthy emotions and bad habits that have contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle. We’ll work with you to form new habits and practices that contribute to a healthier life and lead to weight loss.

Nutrition and Fitness Programs

At Doctor for Life in Greenville, South Carolina, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for improving your health, nutrition, and fitness. That’s why we develop all of our nutrition, weight loss, and fitness programs on an individualized basis. We customize prescribe healthy lifestyle programs with your goals, your budget, and your schedule in mind. All of our programs are built on three main components:

  • Fitness:

    Your body was designed to move, but in today’s world, our days often involve long hours of sitting. At Doctor for Life, we’ll help you boost your fitness and workouts with regular schedules and detailed physiological knowledge to improve the effectiveness of your exercise. We provide fitness assessments, personal training, and group exercise to help you reach your weightloss and fitness goals.

  • Nutrition:

    Changing your diet is a key element of weight loss and improved overall health. For many people, this thought raises fears of restricted diets or counting calories, but that doesn’t have to be the case. At Doctor for Life, we prioritize cooking tasty, healthy food for yourself, helping you lose weight and be healthier without the need for extremely restrictive or difficult-to-follow diets. We provide culinary classes to help teach you to cook, and meal replacements and healthy meals to go when you don’t have the time to whip up a full meal.

  • Clinical:

    Doctor for Life is a medical practice at heart, and our lead physician is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. That means we have extensive knowledge and experience in the health components of weight loss and understand how to develop medical weightloss programs that will be effective and healthy for you.

To get started on developing a prescribed medical weight loss program that works for you, you can first set up a consultation with our doctors and health coaches. The first consultation costs $225 and includes a comprehensive evaluation with the doctor, behavioral exploration session with the healthy lifestyle coach, and medical testing to examine your vitals, body composition, and blood work.

Call us today at (864) 640-0009 for an initial consultation!

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