Along with being doctor guided and patient centered, Doctor for Life is a team based organization serving the Greenville community. We have enlisted highly certified, skilled healthcare professionals, who are compassionate about helping individuals improve their health and overall lifestyle. New patients and referrals are welcome.

Our Team

Dr. Cheryl

I became a doctor with the sole purpose to help people and make a difference in their lives. This is the doctors Hippocratic Oath “…I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrongdoing…”.

My first exposure to “Managed Care” Contradicts what I thought was the idealized practice of Medicine. As an Internal Medicine primary care physician, I saw over 100 chronic diseases linked to unhealthy weight lifestyles. I saw it’s devastating effects on the health of my patients and that most of the illnesses of society today are man made. E.g. the work saving devices we created and mass production of our food supply led to the abuse, misuse, and underuse of our resources.

In 2001 I had the opportunity to build a different kind of medical practice; one that is patient-centered, doctor-guided, with a team of health professionals, that work together to address the root cause of health problems instead of just treating the symptoms. The Doctor for Life team uses four modalities of treatment: Nutrition, Exercise, Behavior Modification, and Pharmacotherapy.

The Doctor for Life approach is a way of life, it offers the opportunity to build a future where doctors are as much associated with health as they are with treating diseases, the belief closely aligned in the minds of our patients who deserve a better quality of life than facing the end of life with uncertainty and dread.

“First, do no harm…” and by doing this mantra enables me to better serve my patients achieve overall health and quality of life that is sustainable, long-lasting, free of diseases and less use of medications.

Dr. Cheryl

Daniel Andras is our registered dietitian and nutritionist on staff who assists with nutrition education and guiding individuals to make better food choices to help them achieve optimal health. He believes health can be improved by consuming “Whole Foods”: As unprocessed, unrefined, unchanged, unaltered, unadulterated, unpasteurized, real, raw, fermented, soaked, sprouted, fresh, organic, local, seasonal, non-synthetic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range, wild, as-they-come-from-nature, full-of-vitamins / minerals / nutrients, nourishing, real-ingredient, as possible.

Daniel is a transplant to Greenville but has enjoyed his time here exploring, traveling and trying new restaurants. He likes to cook and visit local farms and farmers markets. He also enjoys reading about and educating others on nutrition. Daniel likes to change peoples’ minds (and lives), eating patterns, to help achieve better health. It is rewarding to see health parameters change in a positive direction. Daniel practices what he preaches; he has recently started the ketogenic way of eating along with other Doctor for Life Patients.

“Do you have diabetes, and the standard American Diabetes Association recommendations aren’t working for you? We may be able to change that. Do you have lactose intolerance, but you love cheese and dairy products, yet nothing works? We may be able to help with that. Come check us out! An investment in knowledge will pay the best interest!”

Dr. Cheryl
Dr. Cheryl

Fermin Redondo, practice manager at Doctor for Life oversees all the general operations including staffing, scheduling, patient services, billing and much more. He keeps everything flowing so patients get the service they deserve. He believes that we have a very important responsibility as healthcare providers. Medical problems and sickness often come with difficulties and fears but Fermin believes that it is Doctor for Life’s responsibility to address these problems with friendliness, dedication, passion, caring, patience, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, responsibility, and love.

Fermin always puts his family first, he enjoys spending time with his kids and wife bicycling, doing outdoor activities, cooking, gardening, playing board games and watching movies. Fermin graduated Medical School, as a General Surgeon back in Colombia. Since coming to the United States he has become a register medical assistant, CPR instructor, and accomplished medical administrator and now practice manager. Fermin keeps himself and his family healthy by playing sports, staying active and cooking at home.

He encourages patients to take advantage of all the services Doctor for Life offers including Medical Care, Fitness, Behavioral coach, and Nutrition. Plus, “The amazing staff and facility make the process easier with support for patients all the way.”

Dr. Cheryl

When you come to Doctor for Life, Anthony Cespedes is going to be the smile that greets you. Originally from Miami, Florida Anthony moved to Greenville with his family in 2006. He enjoys many outdoor activities here in the Upstate. Hiking and whitewater kayaking are two of his favorite things to do in the Nantahala National Forest. Zip-lining the gorge at Cherokee is still on the bucket list. Being a patient with specific health problems, it is encouraging to see a facility that can modify their resources to aid a wide variety of patients; many facilities promote one specific kind of healing instead of encouraging health as a life-style. Anthony studied Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at University of South Carolina – Columbia Taking life one day at a time.

He encourages patients to focus on what they are doing during the day and whether their choices will elicit a positive or negative response. “It seems to be easier to recognize good and bad when we restrict ourselves to the present instead of losing ourselves in the past or future. Health is a personal choice, like most other things in life. Are you ready to feel as healthy as you think you can be?”

Dr. Cheryl

JT Threlkeld, the fitness lead here at Doctors for Life has an extensive background helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.He has enjoyed working in health and fitness for over 20 years, training and teaching children to grandparents and high school students to professional athletes. His goal is to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle and reach their personal and professional goals. His experience in the health and fitness industry stems from a degree in health and exercise science, and owning and operating several fitness facilities and GNC stores in the Upstate. He looks forward to helping each of you obtain and live a healthier lifestyle.