Healthy Weight Lifestyle Programs are created from Clinical, Nutrition and Fitness components. We customize programs with your goals, your budget and your schedule in mind. Our all-in-one facility makes programming even more convenient and cost effective. We have assembled the strongest professional team of Physician, Dietitian, Chef, Health Coaches and Personal Trainers to serve clients.




What To Expect

The first step is a Consultation. Meet with a Doctor and Health Coach, who provide your very own Healthy Weight Lifestyle prescription. Your program will include chosen services and products and adhere to a timeline. Make a purchase or set up recurring payments. Take advantage of all Doctor for Life has to offer, and you will see results.

Schedule A Tour

We’ve heard you have to see it to believe it. One of our core team members would be happy to provide a tour, showing how the Medical Office, Culinary Lab and Fitness Center fit under one roof. Bonus – See the Healthy Farm too.

Book A Consultation

The first step of any Healthy Weight Lifestyle Program is Consultation for $225, including comprehensive evaluation with the Doctor, behavioral exploration session with the Health Coach, Vitals, Body Composition and Blood Work. Discover what you and Doctor for Life could do together.

Ready To Improve Your Lifestyle?

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