Nutrition is the science of how nutrients you consume interact with the body to influence maintenance, growth, reproduction, overall health and disease. So, yeah, you are what you eat. Step one is knowing what to eat. Step two is actually doing it.

Culinary Classes

Learn basic nutrition and how to prepare, cook and serve meals with our Executive Chef and RDN. Specialty class series vary from Grocery Shopping and Knife Skills to Ketogenic and Mediterranean Cooking. Single classes start at $20. Series start at $60.

Healthy Meals To Go

Purchase effortless, balanced, portion controlled meals to eat at home, office or school. Made from premium ingredients without preservatives and developed through collaboration with Doctor, Dietitian and Chef. Meals range from $5 – $12.

Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are specifically prescribed by the Doctor, based on an individual’s metabolic profile. These meal replacements are low in calories, rich in nutrients and designed to treat root causes of any weight problem. Products start at $3.