Internal Medicine

What exactly is

Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine specializes in the care of Adult patients with undefined symptoms and various medical issues which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment(s) throughout all the various stages of the disease process.

Many internists develop subspecialties. For example, Doctor for Life’s Dr. Cheryl Sarmiento is certified in Obesity Medicine and specializes in treating the diseases and complications caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

Services include:

internal-medicine-checkboxPreventive screening for health promotion and maintenance.

internal-medicine-checkboxGeneral health examination and consultation on both acute and chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, weight problems, high cholesterol, lung disease, thyroid disorders etc.

internal-medicine-checkboxAccept referrals from local physicians and continuing patient care after hospitalization.

internal-medicine-checkboxIn house LABCORP laboratory testing and referral for other specialty services such as Radiology.

internal-medicine-checkboxCoordination of care provided by surgeons and other specialists.

internal-medicine-checkboxPre-op evaluation of medical risks before surgery.

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