Healthy Weight Lifestyle Programs

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At Doctor for Life, we make your quest for healthy living as convenient as possible with everything you need to nourish a healthy weight lifestyle, all under one roof. You’ll get a personal physician to help you every step of the way, plus science-based technology and tools to help you achieve optimal results.

What to expect

Members get to participate in everything from cardio and strength training at our fitness center, warm water therapy pool classes, weekly weigh-ins, and behavioral counseling. Not only that, but members get great discounts on everything from yoga, cardio dance, culinary lab demonstrations and classes, massage therapy, personal training, fresh farm carryout, and Transformation Station merchandise.

The Weight Loss Journey

Get started with an individualized health assessment complete with advanced body composition scanning. Using this data, our experts will develop personalized fitness and nutrition plans to help you meet your goals.

Our team of dedicated personal trainers will keep you on track with regular check-ins and benchmark training. Plus, Dr. Cheryl and her medical assistants will teach you the science of weight loss with educational consultations.

Putting your personalized fitness plan into action is easy and all under one roof with our state-of-the-art fitness center offering a range of individual and group fitness classes specifically designed for weight management.

Following your customized nutrition plan is all the easier with fun perks such as The Healthy Farm, The Culinary Lab, The Transformation Station, and Healthy Anywhere.

Visit our farm and learn how to grow delicious fruits and vegetables.

Learn how to prepare fresh, nutritious meals that fit your healthy lifestyle.

Stop by our onsite store to get nutrient bars, organic produce, and more.

Short on time? Pick up fresh healthy meals to eat at home.

So in the end you really,


Save Money

Spend less on costly medication and treatment. Plus, we’ll teach you how to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Live Longer

Increase your life expectancy with a healthy lifestyle.

Live Better

Feel your best and enjoy a better quality of life.


Our chefs and registered dietitians will teach you the ins and outs of proper nutrition while helping you find and prepare foods that fit your likes and your lifestyle.


Our personal trainers will help you get up and get moving with exercise you enjoy. We offer a variety of fitness classes tailored to different age groups and fitness levels.


Through personal coaching sessions and a customized wellness plan, we’ll help you identify and eliminate the unhealthy habits that prevent you from living a healthy weight lifestyle.


When necessary, we’ll prescribe medication that aids your weight loss journey through appetite suppressant and metabolic control and then adjust as needed to ensure your optimal wellbeing.

Ready to Improve your Lifestyle?

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